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MagdSoft is an Egyptian company was founded in 2006 as one of the website design Companies in Egypt. In 2008, MagdSoft started its steps toward the global market offers a best quality in Design and Software development to a large variety of clients in the Arab countries and gulf countries. Now we in MagdSoft are serving thousands of clients in the world and supporting them with the best ways to use any new technologies and tools to achieve their goals. <br> • Vision & Mission<br> Vision: To become the leading company in designing and software development, expanding our services to cover new markets in every region all over the world. Mission: MagdSoft is aiming to provide its services for a large number of clients in the world and using the latest technologies and tools to achieve global business needs

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Technical Support

Provides protection and responsiveness

Cost Calculated

Guaranteed high quality

Team Work

We strive to offer the best

Investor Relations

Growing Demand

With a 32% annual rate for the IT sector in the United States alone.

Numbers & Constants

We target the most demanding and higher-income countries with an average programmer's income of $100,000-120,000/year.

Why we can

Due to the presence of sufficient expertise and less cooperation, while providing the best quality at the international level.

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